We have a niche of catering to small family owned and operated businesses, providing tenants with a great working environment at an affordable price. We specialize in purchasing old, distressed factory buildings and converting them into what we call flexible generic office space.

In this economy, lots of companies cannot afford the high end “A” grade office space. We have been able to fill that void by creating and developing very nice workspace at a competitive price. By doing so, we have built long lasting relationships with our tenants, some of which have been renting with us for over twenty years.

We work closely with all of our tenants, providing them with special outfitting and developing their space to suit their needs as a business. Our goal is to continue to purchase and develop commercial real estate and provide smaller companies with the opportunity for affordable rent so they can continue to grow their businesses as we expand our portfolio as well.

Scott Gressen


Gressen Properties, LLC was formed in 2002 by Scott Gressen. Scott has been in the real estate development business since the early 1990’s. He started out buying and flipping single-family homes, duplex’s and multi family units with a goal of entering into the commercial development business to buy and hold real estate for long term investments.

John Olszewski

Property Manager

John is an integral part of Gressen Properties. He oversees all of our construction-related projects from the beginning to the end. In addition, he is responsible for all of the ongoing tenant and building-related services.

Carrie Anne Sanford

Office Manager

Carrie is a critical part of the team here at Gressen Properties. She manages many of the day-to-day operations, maintains the office systems and oversees our tenant relations.


  • Commercial Development
  • Property Management
  • Tenant Outfitting
  • Long Term Real Estate Investing